Alicia Edmonson
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This was my motto.


Everything became a reason to celebrate. I celebrated with food, drinks, and leisure time.

The confidence I had with my appearance tapered off in my dirty thirties. I was secretly wishing and wanting to eat that lettuce for lunch or munch on the kale for dinner but I never had the willpower or strength to commit.

I know what it’s like to live a life that your not completely satisfied with.


I live a healthy vibrant life that still includes cookies and wine, only this time….it’s balanced by healthy habits that fuel my body and make me crave more!


Hi! My name is Alicia.

I am Health Coach and Doula in Jefferson City, Missouri helping women all over the world. I specialize in chronic disease management and prenatal and postpartum health.

I have a background in nursing and have been a doula for 12 years. When I’m not helping women reach their ideal goals, you can find me breaking up fights between my kids, gardening, and trying new recipes at home.

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