want to diversify your doula income?

The birth and postpartum industry is constantly changing and evolving just like the dynamics of our society. There is always opportunity for growth and expansion. While there are numerous beneficial courses available to birth and postpartum professionals, I couldn’t help be notice a few gaps. These brief course are my effort to bridge these gaps and help my colleagues equip themselves with knowledge.

Working in the birth industry made me realize that some of my clients needed and more importantly wanted more than a doula. They wanted coaching and consulting for the new chapter of life they were entering. They wanted to know how to find balance in life changes and obstacles. They wanted to talk about more than being mom. They wanted a coach.

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Sometimes clients need more than cookie cutter doula care

Modules covered include:

  • Customer Service for Birth Professionals

  • Working with Single Clients

  • Working With Survivors of Trauma

  • Life Coaching for Birth Workers

You’ll also receive access to handouts and planning tools that I’ve used in my own practice:

  • Postpartum Planner

  • Canned emails

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Find Your Target Market Worksheet

  • Client Intake Process Checklist

  • Self Care Worksheets

  • Life Coach Workbook



Virtual Assistance Services


Two things I am passionate about are health and business. I have over a decade of professional nursing and entrepreneurial experience. The work you do as a health and wellness professional is important. I want to help you spend more time doing what you were called to do, and less time figuring out software and marketing. Curious about what I offer?

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Management

  • CRM Setup and Support

  • Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram)

  • Membership Platform Setup and Management


Ala Carte Services

Not sure how much support you may need? Try out our Ala Carte services. This is perfect for the new business owner who is trying to establish their health coach practice or the established owner that only needs occasional support. Services will begin with a strategy call where we discuss you needs and priorities.

The hourly rate $35 minimum of 3 hours.

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Social Media Management

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All Inclusive Management

Imagine having your own dedicated marketing, tech, and management department! This monthly fee covers any services needed during the month. Services begin with a strategy call where we discuss your needs and priorities for month. You will have communication access through out the month and receive weekly updates on all tasks.

The monthly investment $675